March 01, 2004

Northampton to Conway

Presenting the peace packet to the mayor's assistant.

We stopped by Northampton city hall this morning to present a peace walk packet to the mayor's assistant - the mayor was too busy doing her mayoral duties to meet us. As we were walking by Smith College, we were joined by Daniel, who drove down from Brattleboro to join the walk for the day. As the day progressed, I found out he had spent 3 years in federal prison for sabotaging a nuclear weapon. Not the kind of person I run into very often. I asked him how he felt while he was destroying the weapon, and he said it was exhilirating, as it happened after months of preparation. I asked him about his motivation for doing such an action, and among other inspirations, he talked about how Jesus practiced resistance against the powers of his day. I didn't ask him if he talked about this during his trial, but he did say he was able to make a statement about why he did his action before he was found guilty.

Lauren and family join the walk.

While walking through the Florence section of Northampton, we were joined by a woman (Lauren) and 3 children. They walked with us for a few blocks, until we got to a house with a man filming us with a video camera. That was Lauren's house, and her husband filming us. It turned out that they not only knew Trudy, but that Lauren's husband knew Asami, one of the monks of Nipponzon Myohoji.

Scenes from Whately.
Finding true peace.

We walked on route 9 from Northampton to Williamsburg, then we took some back roads through the wooded hills of Whately into Conway. This afternoon we took a rest break next to a reservoir, and found some peace. However, we had a walk to do, so we got up and walked the rest of the way into the center of Conway, where we found a beautiful library that had been donated to the town by Marshall Fields.

After chanting all day, the first thing we do on arrival in Conway is to chant some more!

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