March 03, 2004

Leverett to Athol

Early morning sun on the pagoda.
Walking in the morning.

This morning we started off by walking around the pagoda. Then we went to the Wendell Country Store for lunch, which is a wonderful country store where we received an enthusiastic greeting and went inside to an impromptu and delicious pot luck lunch. Even the postmaster came out of the post office to greet us, where our picture was taken by a local newspaper reporter. We were joined at the pagoda by a woman who called in sick to work to walk with us - her walking was good medicine for her heart.

Picking up a crowd at the end of the day.
Join a peace walk, get on the internet!

In the afternoon we walked from the center of Orange to Athol High School. The end of the walk was up a long hill out of the center of Athol. Eric said he was tired and sore, and not enjoying climbing the hill. Some kids yelled over to him from the other side of the street. When they crossed the street, he engaged them in conversation, then they decided to walk with us to the high school. Later, another group of 4 people with a drum joined us. Having people join the walk in progress gave all of us extra energy to get to the end of the day. At the high school, when Eric told the kids that I am posting pictures of the walk online, they wanted their picture taken, and here it is.

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