March 04, 2004

Athol to Royalston

On the road from Athol.
Margot sharing her reading before departing from the walk.

Today we were joined for part of our morning walk by Margot and Andye from Catskill, NY. Before they left the walk, Margot read the following:

March 4th - The ancient Greek feast of flowers, the Antheseria.

Our own land may be far from those Mediterranean shores. Spring may seem, as well, to be in another country. But somewhere flowers are blooming. Somewhere, a soft rain falls. Somewhere, a warm breeze wafts through budding trees.

Hope can be hard to locate during the wintry seasons of our lives. Yet spring offers the greatest hope possible, for it reminds us that nothing goes on forever. The most beautiful days will end, but so will the most painful. Life can be gray and dull at times, but change is inevitable. A new day will dawn, a new spring come around, a new generation grow up. Hope is sometimes just recognition of the inevitability of change.

The whole school came out to greet us.
The next generation leading us to peace.
Back to school.
The Cookie Monster.

We walked for a half day today, with a half day off in the afternoon. The morning walk ended at the Village School in Royalston. We were met about a mile from the school by a large group of children and teachers, and we all walked together back to the school. On the way, there were lots of smiles and great energy. Some of the children drew peace signs in the sand along the road, and all of the others made sure not to step on any of the peace signs. After we got to the school, we were invited into the classroom to introduce ourselves and answer questions from the children. It was wonderful to have everyone participate with us. In the afternoon I talked to J.R., one of the children who joined the walk, who said it was fun to participate.

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