March 05, 2004

Winchendon to Gardner

Most evenings after the walk we host a community pot luck dinner and gathering. Last night at the gathering, Jim mentioned recent hearings about increasing power output at Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor, and read us the following poem:

Just Leave the Lights On

by Robert J. Wolfe (aka Jim)

So try to squeeze a little more
From aging creaking plants.
It's like a game of jeopardy,
It's like a game of chance.

You never know just who'll clean up,
So push a little more.
So turn another gadget on,
Until you breech the core.

Until you see it all rise up
And coming down around.
Perhaps you'll sing Amazing Grace
To find it so profound.

Too late to know to educate,
Too late to say your prayers.
Too late to point; say who's at fault,
And who shall be the payers.

For if you really want to know,
Then simply say I am.
For when she blows we're all at fault,
When it's too late to scram.

Walking in the rain.
It was a rainy walk today from Winchendon to Gardner. Not long after we had set out from the center of Winchendon, one of our hosts drove up and told us money was missing from her purse, and she was sure it had been taken last night. After hearing that, our moods matched the weather - overcast and dour. Fortunately, a while later she returned to tell us that she had found the money in a pocket that she seldom uses. What a relief.

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