March 06, 2004

Fitchburg to Groton

Father Niccolls and Sister Mary, who provided a dry and warm spot for lunch.
Today's random photographer.
Walking in Lunenburg.

Every day of the walk is an adventure, and I never know what to expect as the day unfolds. During the walk it's easy for me to look forward to unanticipated events - why can't I do the same in my everyday life? Scenes from today's walk include a picture of our lunchtime hosts at Saint Boniface Parish in Lunenburg, who graciously let us use their church at lunchtime. While walking after lunch, a woman came up to us and asked if it was okay to take our picture. Having our picture taken by someone outside our group seems to happen about once a day. She told Hattie that she wanted a picture of us so she could show her friends that she's not the only one working for peace.

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