March 12, 2004

Mashpee to Barnstable

Beautiful clouds from a distance.
History class at the JFK museum.

I thought after yesterday's rest day that today would be easier, and that my feet wouldn't feel as sore after today's walk. It was a nice idea while it lasted. Each foot has a blister, and the left foot especially is uncomfortable tonight.

Today started off nice, and for a while it felt like it was going to be a very nice, warm, spring day. However, there were some large white fluffy clouds in the distance that got closer and closer, while also getting darker and more ominous looking. Right after we ate lunch, the wind really picked up and then it started raining and snowing. Fortunately we sat out the storm in our support vehicles, and then the sun came out again. By the end of the day, it was snowing again.

Kyla is a foot massage goddess.

Tonight when we arrived at the Barnstable UU Church, we found out that Kyla, a professionally trained massage therapist, was available to massage our feet. She and her husband had prepared warm, salted foot baths for us, and followed that up with a foot massage. It was heavenly. I'm amazed and inspired by how much care and support we receive on the walk.

Sophie (to the right) and her mother join the walk.

It's really not possible to describe the walk properly in this kind of format. There are so many varied interactions that contribute to the walk experience, and it's not possible to even begin to explain what they all mean. Stories from people touched by the walk. Brief interactions with strangers who see the walk. Exchanging smiles with someone driving by in their car. Having a conversation at dinner with someone I just met. Getting to know the other walkers, not just their story, but by how they interact with the group and how they live their lives. So I wanted to share part of an email I got from a woman who joined the walk with her daughter Sophie for a short time after lunch on Wednesday in Essex. It's countless interactions like this that create the walk experience.

I was in shock that Sophie walked as far as she did. I really think she was motivated by knowing she was helping make peace, and perhaps by your words (she is always listening) that "every step helps". In any case she astonished me and walked all the way back to the car as well (no choice there, but she did it w/out whining or complaining). We drove back later and clocked it - she walked more than 3 miles! Next year we'll arrange it that I'll have a cell phone and she can walk with the monks as long as she likes and then I'll call somebody for a ride back!

Enjoy the rest of your walk - hooray for you and everybody else for doing that and uplifting all of us with your commitment.

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