March 14, 2004

Duxbury to Scituate

Posing with today's lunch bodhisatvas.

After getting lots of sleep last night, today was a much better day. The gel shoe inserts I bought at lunch didn't hurt either. After a short stop in Plymouth to bless the statue of Massasoit, we went to Duxbury, where we met a local peace group that's been vigiling every week since before the Iraqi war. They made us sandwiches and other fixins for lunch, and told us about their activities.

Brother Temm on the phone with the Faith Walk Reverend.

While walking through Marshfield, Jim found a couple of crosses next to the road. They were similar to one that Brother Temm found last fall in Connecticut. They had a tag explaining that they are placed in the ground every mile by a right leg amputee to spread the message of God's love, and to focus on our abilities and not our disabilities. Brother Temm called up the phone number listed on the message, and spoke to Reverend Carol Cruise about her faith walk, and to tell her a little about ours. An interesting connection made on the walk.

Getting inspiration from wheelchair bound Wayne Ross.

We arrived at the Harbor United Methodist Church in Scituate, and were met by Wayne Ross. Wayne and a friend set out a few years ago to ride their bikes from Northern Alaska to the southern tip of South America. Wayne ran into a bus in Guatemala and was paralyzed from the chest down. His friend completed the trip, which was done to raise awareness about MS. Wayne showed us a video of news clips about his trip, and we discussed our travels together. Wayne said that even though the news clips often focused on the bad events of the trip, he was amazed at the generosity and kindness received during his journey. Despite his accident, he continues to find new challenges and ways to keep involved in living a full life.

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