March 18, 2004

Wakefield to Cambridge

A snowy morning's walk out of Wakefield.
Meeting with mayoral staff in Melrose.
Walking through Medford Square with local peace activists.
Visiting an after school program in Somerville.

It was a busy day, with 4 gatherings of various types along the way. We stopped in Melrose to meet with local clergy, activists, and the mayor's staff, then went to a soup kitchen in Malden for lunch. After lunch we walked to a meeting with the mayor of Medford. He had recently met the Dalai Lama, who was in Medford for a ceremony to dedicate a Tibetan temple there a few months ago. Medford also has a sister city in Japan, whose citizens helped rescue some sailors from Medford after a shipwreck off Japan long ago. The mayor was eloquent in his support for grassroots efforts like ours, and expressed his concern about the secretiveness of the proposed BU bio weapons lab.

As we were walking out of Medford, there was a traffic accident, probably caused by a driver distracted by our procession. Fortunately no one was seriously injured, although one of the drivers, a young woman, was rather shaken up by it, and may have been hurt. A couple of us stayed with the drivers until the emergency vehicles arrived. The incident raised some questions about the effects of our walk, and our responsibility in causing this type of accident. It was uncomfortable to have this occur right next to our walk, and put a damper on the afternoon.

Fortunately our next stop was at an after school program in Somerville. There we were greeted by a diverse group of youth, who were enthusiastic to hear our drumming as we arrived. We went inside and gathered in a circle, where we shared some of our walk experiences and answered the children's questions about our walk. Monique also asked the children about what peace means to them. Their simplicity and honesty were wonderful to hear, and helped us to think about peace in new ways.

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