March 20, 2004

Last Day: Cambridge to Boston

Meeting with the mayor at Cambridge City Hall.
Getting blown across the Harvard Bridge. Almost in Boston, our final destination.
Interfaith prayer service, Blackstone Park.
This young woman is a natural peace walker - she joined us spontaneously in Boston, and within minutes was drumming with enthusiasm.
All good things must come to an end - final ceremony at Boston's City Hall.

I'm back home, and now the walk is just a memory. The last day was cold and sometimes windy. We walked from Harvard Square down Mass. Ave., stopping at the Cambridge City Hall to meet with the mayor of Cambridge. Since Cambridge has already joined the Mayors for Peace campaign, we talked about the bio weapons laboratory development, and Cambridge's mayor was already well informed about the issue. Then we continued down Mass. Ave. to Boston, where we made our way to Blackstone Park for an interfaith prayer service. We heard prayers from religious leaders, sang a few songs, heard from community activists about the proposed bio-weapons lab, then chanted together. After the prayer service, we headed to Boston's city hall, for a closing ceremony where we listened to 2 of Boston's city councilors speak to us. After walking and standing around in the cold, we were all ready to go inside to someplace warm once the ceremony was over. Many of us went across the street to a local bagle shop for a bite to eat and to say our goodbyes. The walk was over, but the connections made and the memories will remain.

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